Get It All at DuraMater! 12 weeks-Three Phases of Care

We specialize in techniques to release muscle tension using a variety of tools and modalities.

Assessment: Phase 1

Are you ready to get out of pain, learn how to get stronger AND finally harness  the power of eating food that helps you reach your goals?   Receive a comprehensive movement/ strength balance assessment  and nutritional  guidance at your initial meeting.  An  hour of manual therapy will be scheduled at this session.

Recovery plans may include self myofascial release techniques and/ or a corrective action plan.

Individualized Recovery Programming: Phase 2

This programming compliments what you are already doing in your own gym.  You will learn which movements to modify. DuraMater's  workouts are specifically designed  for YOU that keep you in YOUR gym working on your weaknesses and getting YOU STRONGER. Get back to doing what you love with more knowledge and understanding.  The focus in this phase is on strength creation and movement around your particular issues.  The workouts will come to you on-line with how-to videos and the opportunity to communicate with your coach daily.


Wellness Support: Phase 3

Integration of your new strength with coordinated return to sport and skill enhancement. You want that PR? Working on your pull ups? We will help you get there safely. You will receive assistance in maintaining the healthy eating routines that have been developed over the 12 weeks in order to maintain progress that has been made.

Myofacial Release for tight neck

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